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Coaching is a supportive approach where a knowledgeable and experienced coach asks a variety of questions and the client, in the process of thinking about and answering the questions, gains awareness. Using that awareness as a stepping stone, the coach then leads their client to finding better answers.

A theme is chosen at the beginning of each session. Regular sessions leads clients to (1) materializing their objective (ideal form), (2) continuing to work on their goals, and (3) achieving their objective (ideal form).

Welfare Management Consulting

I don’t need any more advice that’s just all “talk”!

The differences between our company and the 50,000 some-odd “management consulting” companies out there are the following: (1) 12 years of experience working for two welfare companies, (2) proposals and practices based on an analysis of corporate strengths and weaknesses to develop strengths and overcome weaknesses, and (3) a business support system with a reliable network that can be used nationwide.

Yuichiro Aono

Wanting to take care of and continually support clients that I found through working as an administrative assistant, I learned about coaching and a different approach to consulting. This led me to realize that coaches are the real key for “growth”.

Looking back, these are the types of experiences that I went through.

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