About Us

Management principlesーWhat does it mean to exist?ー

Everything is for “you.”

Mission ーHow do you want to contribute to society?ー

We want to be there to help and support your growth and health.

Vision ーWhat do you want to see?ー

To realize a society where every person and every company can shine.

Value ーWhat sense of values do you act on?ー

There’s no such thing as a better or worse sense of values, and every single one of them is great!

Corporate Information

Company Name
Tasuku LLC
November 26, 2014
Company CEO
Yuichiro Aono
Business Description
Business coaching
Life coaching
Welfare management consulting
Health consulting
1-4-10-203 Iguchi, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0011
Cell: 090-1058-4946
Business hours: Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding Sundays, holidays and Year-End/New Year holidays)
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CEO: Yuichiro Aono

After working at the Judicial Scrivener Corporation Shimizu Offices and Medical Care Service Company, a dementia care provider, he opened his own Mitaka Musashisakai-dori Ave. Legal and Administrative Offices. In addition to working as an administrative scrivener to provide legal support for companies, loans, grant applications, and licensing applications, he also operates a welfare business consulting firm through Tasuku LLC where he assists small and medium-sized business owners and individuals through coaching.
Including his time as a salaried employee, he has provided over 1,000 sessions of consulting to individuals and companies.

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Member of the Musashino Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Service Sector

Member of Mitaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Service Sector

Auditor, Japan Executive Coaches Association

Auditor, General Incorporated Association Mode Juku Association

<Qualifications> CBL Certified Coach (registered in 2020)

Administrative Scrivener (passed in 2006, registered in March 2008)

Mental Health Management Certificate II (passed in 2011)

代表 青野 佑一郎


Wanting to take care of and continually support clients that I found through working as an administrative assistant, I learned about coaching and a different approach to consulting. This led me to realize that coaches are the real key for “growth”.

Looking back, these are the types of experiences that I went through.

When I just started as an office worker, I met a coach through running, which I started to keep my body moving. At the time, I had run two half marathons under my belt through my own training, down to around 1 hour and 40 minutes. My first full marathon was coming up a month later. At a training session where we ran around the perimeter of the Imperial Palace, my coach saw me run for the first time and said, “You’re running nice and light, you’ve got it in you to get sub-3.5” (or being able to complete a full marathon in less than 3.5 hours).

Honestly, a full marathon felt too long for me, and I was planning on just running the Honolulu Marathon to commemorate my first and last run, and there were always doubts in my mind about what he said. However, I was attracted to my coach’s personality, experience, and knowledge, so I started to train with a few people and take personal training sessions. As a result, I hit 4 hours and 8 minutes on my 2nd full marathon, brought that down to a sub-4 with my third, and finally crossed sub-3.5 at the Tsukuba Marathon, 3 years after meeting the coach.

I believe that the purpose of life is to actualize the dreams and hopes that you set for yourself, and the joy of achieving each of the many goals (guideposts) you set for that purpose is the real pleasure in life. I also believe that people can grow at any age. As individuals and as companies, we can make our lives better by continuing to grow. With all that said, we would like to be there to bring out that “growth,” to be your coach.

We can help you make your life and business shine.

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TEL 090-1058-4946

Business hours: Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(excluding Sundays, holidays and Year-End/New Year holidays)