Welfare Management Consulting

I don’t need any more advice that’s just all “talk”!

The differences between our company and the 50,000 some-odd “management consulting” companies out there are the following:
(1) 12 years of experience working for two welfare companies,
(2) proposals and practices based on an analysis of corporate strengths and weaknesses to develop strengths and overcome weaknesses, and
(3) a business support system with a reliable network that can be used nationwide.

Great for people that:

  • Want to restructure their managerial vision
  • Want to reduce costs
  • Don’t know what their staff is thinking about…
  • Are not sure if they can carry through with proposed efforts

And many other types of people.


Period and Sessions:
We’ll find the right number of sessions for your needs.
Session method:
Face to face, online, or over the phone.
Examples of themes:
Staff members keep on quitting right after getting hired on.
I can’t tell what the staff are thinking.
It’s difficult to feel any autonomy on the part of the staff.
I don’t have a successor.
Sales are sluggish.
I want to cut costs.
I want to set up (or expand) a facility.
I would like to have some administrative support.
I would like to draw up a business improvement plan.
I want to restructure my management vision and management strategy.
I want to improve my cash flow.
I want to know how to raise money effectively.
I want to take advantage of grants and subsidies.
Depends on the nature of consultancy.
Please feel free to contact us first.
*These sessions are more effective when combined with business coaching for your management.

We will support your company or organization in solving your problems. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Introducing our CEO

Tasuku LLC CEO
Yuichiro Aono

In addition to working as an administrative scrivener, he also operates a welfare business consulting firm through Tasuku LLC and provides coaching to small business owners and individuals. Including his time as a salaried employee, he has provided over 1,000 sessions of consulting.

We can make viable recommendations and practices (and actually do the work) for your needs, such as wanting to review fixed costs and wanting to apply for grants and loans.
Please feel free to contact us first.

How to Use Our Services

Request a Session

Please fill out the contact form or call us to set up a session.

Set the day of the first session

We will contact you within 2 to 3 business days after your submission. We will be able to set the day of the session at that time.

Briefing Session

We will visit your company to have a direct discussion. We will listen to the issues you are facing and your needs.

*Online interviews are also available.


Based on the content of the hearing, we will make the most appropriate and viable proposal for your needs.

Start of Services

Once you have adopted our proposal, we will begin operating the services in accordance with the details of the proposal. Our consulting services are not external, where we would only provide suggestions. We actually go inside your company to implement and support our proposals.

We will support the transformation of your company into a results-oriented health company.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I pay for your services?


We sign a contract and receive monthly payments, as well as ask for a completion bonus for achieving our goals. If your company has any terms and conditions, such as a payment site or invoicing requirements, please consult with us accordingly.


Do you offer online consultations?


Of course. We will tailor our sessions to your company’s needs. However, in order to provide our signature “Proposal + Practical Consulting,” we can provide our services more effectively if we can visit your company.


Can I outsource administrative work to you?


Yes. We can even perform the work on-site.

Past Achievements

As of September 2017 to December 2020 Experience working with 5 corporations, eldercare, and welfare for the disabled.

Client Testimonials

  • Social Welfare Corporation “O”

    • Support for business planning
    • Support for medium- to long-term planning
    • Recruitment and retention support
    • Fundraising support
    • Cost reduction support
  • “Y”, LLC

    • Fundraising support
    • Support for setting up offices
  • Social Welfare Corporation “P”

    • Recruitment
    • Organization building support
  • “M” Corporation

    • Drafting contracts

We can help you make your life and business shine.

Click here to request a session or for any inquiries.

Contact Us

TEL 090-1058-4946

Business hours: Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(excluding Sundays, holidays and Year-End/New Year holidays)